LUMINECKLACE Bright colored shapes are growing in a sketchbook, on a paper, in our consciousness. They hug the each other with transparent fibers… Each combination of the shapes turns to the luminous necklace. Every LumiNecklace keeps the unique story, which radiates the Magic light of eternity. ARTIST STATEMENT ARTIST | FUTURIST | TRANSFORMER | GIGABYTE OF VANILLA CANDIES I'm a multidisciplinary artist. My practice includes a wide variety disciplines ranging from paintings and sculptures to installations and performance art. The main idea of my art is to awaken people, tickle their mind, and say: "Hey guys! This world is too simple to be taken so seriously!" I wish for people to realize that being an adult is the same as being a child, but with far more benefits. As an adult, you belong to yourself and the most important thing is that you have a choice! It means you can have as much candy as you wish, even instead of dinner. And you can wear your clothes inside out, crawl the whole day instead of walking, and climb a tree with a candelabra on your head. The more you play and do such spontaneous and silly things, the more you feel alive. I wish to inspire people to abandon their shells and finally realize we are all free and almighty, and that all we've got in life is our choice, because we create our own reality. My studio is currently located in Portland, OR, USA, and my artworks are in private collections in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Russia and Asia.


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